"It smells GREAT and it's such a nice change from the usual oatmeal/peppermint/normal/boring scents that horse products usually have. Good lather, only needed a small amount to bathe my entire horse and her coat came out soft, shiny and not dried out."

- Ariel G.


"Love this shampoo, love the smell of it and the results I get from it. Colors are better and stains come out like nothing"

- Faith D.


"These shampoos are absolutely amazing! They have everything you would want in a shampoo! They're all natural which is a big deal to me, they leave my horse really shiny and bright and the shampoo smells great! I can't wait to try more Sun Horse products because they're all wonderful."

- Savannah M.


"Absolutely Iove the super concentrated Sun horse shampoo's. I've tried them both and am a great fan of Coconut Sassygrass. I was a bit worried that the fragrance would be too sweet after washing my horse, as this attracts lots of flies, but the fragrance levels down to a fresh coconut hint after a while and the flies were not an issue. I was left with a happy, clean, sweet smelling horse!
Thanks you Sun horse, love'm!"

- Rachel R.


"First off, can I just say this shampoo smells fabulous? I have the coconut scent and it's heavenly. I absolutely love that it's organic too! Secondly, it is great for deep cleanings! I have a grey whose favorite activity just happens to be rolling, and this product works wonders. The shampoo's rich lather is amazing at lifting and removing dirt and grime. This shampoo leaves my mare looking, feeling, and smelling amazing! I extremely recommend this product!"

- Emily R.


"There Is not enough words to explain how much I love this shampoo. So easy to rinse out, gave her coat a nice shine, and made her so soft! Definitely a product I'll recommend to others."

- Kamryn S.


"First off, when opening the bottle, the smell is awesome! It lathered up with just a squeeze down the back and across the haunches. Then the main and tail. My horse, who is a rescue I adopted, deserves to have the best life ever, so I wanted to try something that would help his coat. He shines like a copper penny! I love having the bundle, as the smaller size I put out for everyone to give it a try and keep the large size for me lol! The only, and it's a very small thing, was I didn't get the grapefruit smell after his bath. But, he was clean :) Still rated it 5 stars because you by a shampoo to clean and that's exactly what this did."

- Evie W.


"I absolutely love this product and it's definitely my new favorite shampoo for horses! Can't wait to see what else Sun Horse comes out with!"

- Savannah M.


"I absolutely love love this product. My horse seemed to love the smell and so did I. It washes off so nice and leaves the scent and them sparkling clean. It was so easy to clean my grey show horse with this and get all the stains off of him. Highly recommend this to anyone and everyone"

- Santanna K.


"Well I have to be honest… I have not used this yet on a horse. But I did use it on my 8 year old pit bull Remy. Not only does it smell fantastic, amazing lather (so no need for a wash, rinse, repeat) and rinses with ease. What really caught my attention was her coat so shiny!! Remy is mostly white with brindle. Thank you for this great product!"

- Laura H.


"Great product!! Cleans well, smells fresh and rinses beautifully. Leaves my white horse soft and beautiful...WOW!! Love this stuff!"

- Leslie C.